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I remember it like it was yesterday; my sister and I cleaning the house from top to bottom, my brothers fiddling with the living room tape deck as they attempted to create a commercial-free set by recording music from the radio; the sound of them pressing pause and swearing when they didn’t catch it at just the right moment, and my Dad in the kitchen like a mad scientist preparing his most elaborate menu for our party guests. The buzz around the house had an energy to it that made all the hard (and sometimes stressful) work well worth it. We would soon get a front row seat to watching (who we thought was) the hardest working man in America finally pause and enjoy himself with friends and family. He didn’t take days off, he never called in sick and he didn’t “hang out.” A few times a year though, he would host a “shindig” to remember; a celebration of life itself. No particular milestone; just inviting guests to eat well (he only cooked the best) , tell exorbitantly aggrandized tales, laugh at it all and danced the night away. As guests departed, the crisply pressed suits and steamed dresses were sweated out and hairstyles were history; a sign that a truly awesome night was had by all.  That energy is still what excites me today – humans celebrating life outside the box.

IGNITED BY: People that love to laugh | Hosting a brunch for no apparent reason | The next fresh coffee delivery from some foreign land.


When was the last time you truly celebrated yourself?  You go out of your way for everyone else; you help them “make it happen” and you’re their go-to encourager.  We think you’re amazing and your life is worth celebrating.  No, we’re not talking hundreds of guests at the overpriced catering hall; we’re talking about living a celebrated life. From planning and designing intimate soirees for you and your tribe, to curating personal spaces that reflect the divine within, we’ll be co-conspirators in creating the event or space that celebrates the best of YOU. Whether it’s a milestone or a Monday, a wedding or “Just Because Day”, know that we’re here to help you get to your greatness outside the box.  This Is The Day.