When was the last time you truly celebrated yourself?  You go out of your way for everyone else; you help them “make it happen” and you’re their go-to encourager.  We think you’re amazing and your life is worth celebrating.  No, we’re not talking hundreds of guests at the overpriced catering hall. We’re talking about the intimate group of beautiful humans that love, support and encourage you – your tribe.  We will be your co-conspirators in creating a poolside event at our “out of the box” venue that celebrates the best of you or your guest of honor.  Whether it’s a milestone or a Monday, a wedding or “just because” day, know that we and our team of amazing vendors are at the ready to create a magical day to remember. This is The Day! 

A day in the life: Kenda & Erick’s Wedding, June 2021

We’re excited to host and  help you plan your Out of the Box Experience:





Spa Day

Team Building

Day Retreat

Business Brainstorming Off-Site

Baby Shower


Product/Business Launch


Tranquility awaits you at our Long Island headquarters affectionately referred to as LOVEHOUSE. Situated on a manicured corner lot, your experience begins the moment you walk up the driveway to our full length porch, complete with outdoor seating and the perfect location to provide your guests with a welcome cocktail or a refreshing spritzer after the drive. Continue in and you’re greeted by the cathedral entry, followed by the dining room to your left and our headquarter’s office on your right. This floor also consists of a half bath, living room with wood-burning fireplace and smart TV and a full kitchen for your chef’s use.

In addition to the 1200sf of indoor staging space is our large outdoor entertainment area. This outdoor oasis is lined with privacy trees and consists of both hardscape and landscape. The 18’ x 43’ heated, saltwater pool is surrounded by brick pavers for ease of walking and has six chaise loungers alongside it for comfortable and cozy relaxation after an invigorating swim, or just catching up on your tan. On either end of the pool are the 10’ x 12’ cedar wood, hardtop gazebos: one outfitted with dining for six under the Jungalow tasseled chandelier, and the other lovingly styled for serious lounging on the vintage daybed nestled against privacy trees and enclosed by billowing navy sheers and the twin chandelier. Want to get “grounded”? On either side of the paver patio are grassy areas that are perfect for more casual affairs (picnics, glamping, etc) or an early yoga session to get centered and start your day. This space also comes equipped with a large gas grill, small charcoal grill (for chef use only) and patio heaters to take the chill off on cooler days. The foundation is laid for a magical day. The only thing missing is your imagination.


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It’s in the details

Add the perfect finishing touch with our preferred vendors


The Fork Goes on the Left is a Brooklyn, New York-based off-premise caterer featuring the signature cuisine of Private Chef, Mellanee R. Harvin


Get pictures of your event with NYC photographer Thomas Claude, a visual storyteller for Genuine & Authentic People.


Amber Taylor Artistry provides luxury makeup. Amber specializes in soft natural glam for sophisticated everyday women!

Certified Wedding & Event Planner | “Hug Dealer” | Hostess Doing the Mostest

I remember it like it was yesterday; my sister and I cleaning the house from top to bottom, my brothers fiddling with the living room tape deck as they attempted to create a commercial-free set by recording music from the radio; the sound of them pressing pause and swearing when they didn’t catch it at just the right moment, and my Dad in the kitchen like a mad scientist preparing his most elaborate menu for our party guests. The buzz around the house had an energy to it that made all the hard (and sometimes stressful) work well worth it. We would soon get a front row seat to watching (who we thought was) the hardest working man in America finally pause and enjoy himself with friends and family. He didn’t take days off, he never called in sick and he didn’t “hang out.” A few times a year though, he would host a “shindig” to remember; a celebration of life itself. No particular milestone; just inviting guests to eat well (he only cooked the best) , tell exorbitantly aggrandized tales, laugh at it all and dance the night away. As guests departed, the crisply pressed suits and steamed dresses were sweated out and hairstyles were history; a sign that a truly awesome night was had by all.  That energy is still what excites me today – humans celebrating life outside the box.

IGNITED BY: People that love to laugh | Hosting a brunch for no apparent reason | The next fresh coffee delivery from some foreign land.

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